Located in Beautiful British Columbia

Pictures – Brags

Anita’s Vera and her awards

Peggy and Bella with one of their awards – the Hudson Memorial Trophy

Maralyn’s Flyer and his awards

Sonja’s Midas and his awards, as well as his UD trophy

Janey & Roan sporting their new UD (Utility Dog) title –

Vic City Trial August 7, 2011

Laurie & Dylan with their High In Class and High in Trial Rosettes at the

GVIC/NOSA AIOC Trial October 22, 2011

Janey & Keely CKC OTCH

Janey & Keely sporting their new CKC OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) title –

G.V.D.O.T.C Trial May 26, 2013

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