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Scent Articles – How to clean and air-dry

Airing out Scent Articles


It is extremely important to air out your articles after each use, and most especially between trials. If possible, purchase two sets, so that you have one clean set per trial.

I purchased a couple of mesh gardening bags a few years ago, at a home and garden store (see picture below), and these have worked out wonderfully for storing and transporting my articles. There are three separate sections for my wood, leather and metal articles.

Article Bag 3

Any mesh bag would work well – J and J Dog Supplies (an online store) for example, sells a Nylon Mesh Article Bag. The link to their site is as follows:

J & J Dog Supplies

Nylon Mesh Utility Bag

You will hear of a number of ways of cleaning articles – including using dishwashing soap and water, or just rinsing them under water. I am a little loath to use these methods, especially on leather articles, which could separate or curl over time.

The easiest method I have found is to lightly spray the article with Nature’s Miracle, which is a bio-enzymatic formula that neutralizes, and eliminate odors. This product can be purchased in any pet store. I then use kitchen towel to rub the article dry, and the article is then placed outdoors for a 24-hour period, to air-dry. Alternatively, you can spray Nature’s Miracle directly onto the kitchen towel, until it is saturated, and then use that to wipe down the articles. Before placing the articles outside, I make sure to place my scent on all of the articles – that way, the same scent is disseminated as they are aired.

Nature's Miracle & Kitchen Towel

The series of photographs at the end of this information shows a simple construction that I have, under the eaves of our house, that is used for airing my articles. There are four long screw hooks (these can be purchased at any hardware store), and chicken wire (wire mesh) to place the articles on.

Chicken Wire & Screw Hook

Once the articles have aired, I use a pair of metal kitchen tongs to pick up the articles and place them in the mesh bag. I keep the tongs with the bag when training, and at trials. I also clean the tongs with Nature’s Miracle, and leave them out to air-dry along with the articles.

Metal Tongs

Articles Airing 1

Articles Airing 2

Articles Airing 4

Articles Airing 3

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